Little ROL'ers

Crawlers- Kindergarten

Babies are welcome to stay in service with their parents.

A nursery with a changing station, crib, and a rocking chair is available, as needed.

Sunday Morning

Little ROL'ers starts the same time as Main Service, 10:30 am. We have a check-in system and parents are encouraged to check them in before service starts.

We join CCKidz in their classroom for praise and worship before heading back to our room.

Our team is normally two adult teachers and a teen helper. Class is split into two groups, toddlers and preschoolers. Preschoolers enjoy a Bible lesson at the circle table with their teacher, while toddlers have a less structured class with their teacher around the rocking chair. Both preschoolers and toddlers are taught Bible stories, songs, and games. We have age-appropriate toys and activities for each age group. Snacks provided. 

Wednesday Night at 7

Class on Wednesday night is available as needed. If the number of Little ROL'ers attending is low, preschoolers join CCKidz while toddlers and babies stay with their parents.